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Our proposal entitled “U-HEAL: A patient-centric lifestyle recommender system for optimizing treatment response in psychosis” has been accepted at the EWUU Alliance: AI for Health .


U-HEAL aims at finding explainable AI solutions to improve the personalized treatment response in patients with psychosis. The project focuses on the development of a human-centered and explainable AI framework for a smart healthcare application in psychiatry that promotes distant self-care. The project combines expertise on data analysis with a focus on machine learning in psychiatry (UU), machine learning solutions (UMC Utrecht), uncertainty in AI, recommendation systems, and counterfactual learning for model explainability (TU/e), and nutrition and medicines (WUR).

Research team

Maryam Tavakol (TU/e), Renger Witkamp (WUR), Hugo Schnack (UU – Lead), Wiepke Cahn, Seyed Mostafa Kia (UMC Utrecht).